Our Business

CV VELICOZ BOZY INDONESIA , Business Established Since 2015 located in Tangerang, is developing and never stop to innovating with the hope of becoming a large national company and go international company , inspiring other MSMEs, creating jobs and building the Nation. a solid team in building a system business that is systematic and structured. quickly develops creatively in seeing opportunities, making MSMEs feel corporated.
vission : 
To be a big company and loved by loyal customers, as problem solvers and solutions meeting market needs.
Mission :
1.Quickly see business opportunities, plan and execute a strategy
2. collaborating with investors, executors, drafters.
3. mastering strategic online and offline markets
4. be best vendor government and private procurement partner
5. build a team that is solid and growing together
6. build relationships with stakeholder investors , suplier and partners